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Apeiron Synthesis S.A.

Company description:

We are a high-tech company based in Poland, established in 2009 to develop and commercialize new solutions in organic synthesis. Our dedicated team with 10+ years of experience explores new areas of organic chemistry that are highly innovative and are applicable to industry. Our team of experienced and ambitious chemists is capable of manufacturing products in up to kilogram quantities at customer request. We guarantee customer satisfaction by delivering our products quickly and with highest quality.

The company has been noticed and appreciated in the national and the international area. In 2008 Apeiron Synthesis took part in a very prestigious competition organized by Intel company and Berkeley University of California - 'Intel+Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge'. Apeiron Synthesis ended up as a one of the top 9 finalists.

In 2009 Apeiron Synthesis competed in finals of „Global Entrepreneurship Competition‟ for the most innovative company as the only company from Poland, during the World Innovation Summit in Barcelona, Spain 2009.

On its own yard Apeiron Synthesis had won 2nd place prize in “Company of the year of Wroclaw Technology Park” and 1st place in “Start-up. Pomysł na własną firmę opartą na innowacjach / wynikach prac naukowych” organized by Wrocław University of Technology – Technology Transfer Center and Ministry of Science and Higher Education.